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Not your everyday Milk

(That would be boring)

Made with Amazing Ancient seeds

13,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains, farmers have been planting some of the world's healthiest and most planet friendly foods for thousands of years. 

We use both Quinoa and Tarwi in one delicious drink because Muyu MilQ is crafted based on farming ecosystems, not monoculture. These powerful plants are partners in nature. Together these two superfoods support healthy soils and better livelihoods in mountain communities.


A super seed that needs no introduction, you have probably heard that Quinoa is healthy. ​It also consumes 30x less water than almonds, 3x less water than oats, and is adapted to extreme high-altitude environments. With low carbon and water footprints this is the perfect food for our planet's future.

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Picture 1.png

Crop Rotation


In ancient times, this Andean crop was important both for its amazing nutrition and its role in local ecosystems. Tarwi has more protein than oats or even soybeans. This heroic crop also heals farmlands, naturally reduces pests, and increases soil fertility for next year's harvest. By helping farmers bring back this forgotten food, we are supporting circular farming.


A Nutrition Boost for Any Occassion

Our MilQ has all the full bodied creaminess of cow's milk, but with less calories and sugar than your average oat milk. With a subtle nutty flavor, this drink goes great with coffee, recipes, or for a quick gulp full of vitamins, minerals, and plant protein. Learn more about our products.

Raising Expectations, not C02 Emissions

At Muyu MilQ we are allergic to BS and we are impatient with the old excuses for inaction. We are rethinking healthy food for abundant future, and this starts with conserving the ecosystems that foods come from and ensuring fair treatment of farmers who are caretakers of the land. Learn more about our impact

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